Part One: The Instruments of the Drum Set

Here is the first video in a series I am producing to help you learn more about playing the drums.

The is first one is a little about the history of the drum set and a little about me the instructor

The drum set is not so much about being an instrument as much as it is about being a collection of instruments.

Each part of the modern drummer’s kit has its roots in being used as an instrument all its own.

The bass drum can be seen in marching band and orchestras. Played with a lamb’s wool beater either in a stand or carried. It gets its name from being the lowest pitched drum in out set

The snare drum is also seen in marching bands, concert bands and orchestras. It gets its name from the resonating wires underneath the drum.

The Hi Hat is the impersonation of the orchestra and band percussionist who claps two cymbals together. But we tend to play it with our sticks most often. Formerly called the sock cymbal when it was shorter.

Toms and Floor toms are also covered

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