How to Hold the Drum Sticks

Getting started in Drum Lessons: Holding the Sticks

Nothing seems easier than holding the drum sticks. In reality it is quite easy. The problem lies in how music students make it hard. One way they make it hard id to hold a stick like they hold other familiar items or how they imagine things are held. Things like hockey sticks, golf clubs, tennis rackets, etc. Another way to make it difficult is to offer up extremes with the hand. Thumbs pushed forward index fingers on top thumb on the side.
While the video at the bottom of the page will be our best resource for showing proper ways to hold the drum sticks, I will try to explain with words first.

  • Relax your hand and place it palm up
  • Notice how your hand curls up
  • Notice how your fingers meet at the same place
  • Notice how your thumb meets your index finger
  • Place your drum stick in the cup of your hand keeping the hands natural shape
  • Repeat in the other hand

Another way to look at it is to:

  • Hold a stick at the 1/3 point from the end
  • Wrap the fingers rest of the fingers around the shaft of the stick
  • Repeat in the other hand

Both methods should produce the same and similar results.


But now enjoy the video.

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