Drum and Percussion Lessons in Winnipeg

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We offer a wide variety of drum and percussion lessons. We offer drum-set lessons of course. We also offer percussion lessons on some of today’s most popular instruments.

We have classes on Bodhran (Celtic Drum) Cajon (Rock Box) and Djembe (west African drumming). We offer drum-set and percussion lessons during the day and evenings (Monday to Friday) and during the day on Saturdays. Our drum and percussion instruction is based on a solid foundation of music reading as well understanding the theoretical concepts of rhythm, counting meter and time feel.

On drum-set we work on many styles and concepts. Musical styles like rock, pop, jazz, blues, Latin, etc. We learn open handed playing, rudiments, odd time signatures and more.

With Djembe and Cajon we work on getting all the tones we can out of these deceptively easy instruments. With the Bodhran we learn how to hold the instrument and the tipper.

On all instruments we learn the fundamentals of music so the learning and fun can last for ever.

Winnipeg Drum Lessons

Winnipeg Drum Lessons
River Heights School of Music
202-2025 Corydon Ave
2nd Floor of the Tuxedo Park Shopping Center (Safeway, Starbucks Mall)
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
R3P 0N5